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KioskSimple Case Study

Developing a custom kiosk application is costly and many small businesses need an inexpensive way to create a kiosk on the cheap.

KioskSimple, a kiosk software company, needed an easy way to allow their customers to securely "lock down" their website on a self-service kiosk or tablet to provide an inexpensive kiosk solution.

They also wanted to offer a JavaScript API for controlling popular payment devices.

How RedSwimmer helped

KioskSimple Kiosk Software RedSwimmer developed a kiosk software solution which makes it easy to run any website in "kiosk mode" and prevent malicious user tampering.

On startup, the customer’s website gets launched automatically and the kiosk (or tablet) is completely dedicated to running that website.

In addition to securing the kiosk, RedSwimmer developed plugin based support for popular payment devices. Developers can easily leverage the kiosk software JavaScript API to control popular payment devices.

How it Works

KioskSimple allows their clients to easily convert their existing website into self-service kiosk with just a few easy steps.

KioskSimple features include:
  • Turn any website into a self-service kiosk with just a few clicks
  • Automatically launch your website on startup
  • Limit the websites users can browse
  • Prevent malicious user tampering
  • Onscreen keyboard included
  • Supports Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible
  • Developer friendly JavaScript API for payment devices

The developer friendly JavaScript API makes it easy to accept payments and increase ROI.

The Results

RedSwimmer made it possible for KioskSimple to lower the entry costs to their clients for building and deploying their self-service kiosks.

For more information on KioskSimple kiosk software visit their website at website.