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Get your payment kiosk right the first time:

  • High-value strategic consulting
  • Avoid costly mistakes and delays
  • Direct access to your consultant with rapid response times
  • Perfect for your first payment kiosk

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How We Work

First, the best situation we can help with is when your organization is entering the critical stage of planning your payment kiosk project.

This allows us to be involved over the entire course of your project and help you get your payment kiosk right the first time.

  • Hands ON Consulting: This is a hands on engagement where we spend 1 to 2 days a week with your team to help you define your MVP kiosk (aka Pilot) feature set, plan an engaging kiosk user experience and in some cases provide development services.  This option is typically used by companies that do not have their own developers, or need a lot of hands on guidance in the early stages of their project - Not available at the moment
  • Hands OFF Consulting: This is a consulting engagement where we're advising organizations on how to successfully build their first payment kiosk.  We focus on designing your first kioskboosting customer engagement, avoiding costly mistakes and securing your kiosks from hackers.  This option is typically used by companies that already have developers, but they’ve never developed a payment kiosk and want guidance on how to get their kiosk right the first time.  In this option we act as a mentor and help hold your hand throughout the entire course of the project. You'll have open access to your kiosk consultant on Slack with rapid response times and can reach out as often as needed.

We offer both options as either a 1 or 3 month consulting engagement, one of which your kiosk consultant will recommend on our first call.

Get Started

That's it. The next step is for us to go through the exact challenges your business is facing by connecting over the phone.

After that, we'll have defined which option would work best, when the start date could be and more importantly what business objectives we're looking at for your organization

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We hold your hand from design to deployment to ensure your kiosk software project is a glowing success.

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