General Payment Systems, GPSI

General Payment Systems Case Study

General Payment Systems Inc., a financial services company serving the municipalities industry, was in need of a self-service kiosk solution for the purpose of facilitating payments for a wide range of fines, permits and various bills at court houses across the United States.

The majority of court houses today have long wait times and significant cashier staffing overhead.

How RedSwimmer helped

GPSI Court Kiosk RedSwimmer developed a solution to offload all of the courts cash handling to a kiosk and also allow for the acceptance of credit cards both at the kiosk and online.

Kiosks accept the following payments:
  • Water Bills
  • Traffic Citations
  • Parking Tickets
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Waste Disposal
  • and more...

The self-service kiosk solution allows the public to walk into the court’s lobby and use a self-service kiosk to pay for a wide range of fines, permits and bills. The self-service kiosk accepts both cash and credit card payments and then prints a wallet sized receipt.

The Results

RedSwimmer made it possible for the courts to go “cashless” so the staff never has to handle the money again. Through the use of self-service kiosks many of the courts significantly reduced their wait times and improved the customer experience.

The option to pay from the website also saved precious time for the customers by allowing them to pay from the comfort of their own home.

GPSI LA County Court Kiosk

The kiosks developed by RedSwimmer for General Payment Systems Inc. are currently in use across the United States and process large volumes of cash and credit payments on a daily basis.

For more information on the current courts serviced by General Payment Systems please visit the GPSI website.