Crane Payment Innovations, CPI

Crane Payment Innovations Case Study

RedSwimmer was looking for an easy way to provide support for a bill recycler to users of their kiosk software. Many of RedSwimmer customers are retail POS providers and unattended payment providers in need of accepting and dispensing cash like a cashier.

Since many of their customer applications were developed as a web application this meant they needed a JavaScript API for controlling the bill recycler and Crane’s MEI BNR was the logical choice.

The Problem:
  • The MEI BNR has a typical integration time of 9-18 months, which is both time and cost prohibitive to many small and even medium sized organizations.
  • The MEI BNR SDK does not support integration via JavaScript into a website.

How RedSwimmer helped

Crane MEI BNR Soon after partnering with Crane, RedSwimmer integrated their kiosk software solution KioskSimple with Crane’s MEI BNR.

RedSwimmer’s kiosk software allows customers to securely run their web-based kiosk or POS on a tablet or PC. The integration with the MEI BNR made it simple to integrate their web app through the use of their JavaScript API.

RedSwimmer was also able to dramatically reduce the integration time for the MEI BNR down from 9-18 months to a matter of weeks. This resulted in a massive time and cost savings for their customers.

RedSwimmer has made using a bill recycler a viable option for tight timelines and budgets.

How it Works

Crane provided the interface to the MEI BNR hardware and handled all the complicated behind-the-scenes magic of bill recycling.

This process allowed RedSwimmer to focus on the JavaScript front end which is their expertise.

The larger challenge with RedSwimmer was to find a way to make the MEI BNR accessible from a web app. The MEI BNR works well with native applications but lacked a JavaScript API.

Thanks to Crane’s expertise, RedSwimmer was able to create a developer-friendly JavaScript front-end language with the MEI BNR through the use of KioskSimple.

Why Crane

Crane has the track record and cash handling expertise that RedSwimmer was looking for. The collaboration made it possible for RedSwimmer clients to easily make their web-based kiosks and POS provide secure cash handling beyond what a human cashier can offer.

Partnering with Crane allowed RedSwimmer to broaden their product offerings and serve more clients. Specifically, it allowed them to help clients who prefer to use web-based technologies like JavaScript.

The Results

RedSwimmer has made using a bill recycler a viable option for tight timelines and budgets and created new possibilities for web developers looking to integrate a bill recycler.

These organizations can now take advantage of the benefits of cash handling automation which stands to make a huge impact on their bottom line.

For more information on the MEI BNR visit the CPI website.