Designing Your Kiosk Software for Success

The purpose of design is to determine the amount of work involved so we can create an accurate estimate. Planning exposes "hidden" tasks that may not be obvious at first glance and minimizes surprises down the road.

The larger the project the more initial planning we recommend, but the level of upfront planning is completely up to you.

Your options when it comes to planning:

  • Plan As You Go: In this approach we simply get started on your project and plan features as they're implemented.
  • High-Level Plan: Here we create a conceptual high-level plan which serves as a roadmap for the rest of the project.

When You Should Consider a High-Level Plan

As a general rule you should use our design service when you're concerned about getting an accurate estimate. Without taking the time to design your project upfront it's very difficult to estimate the amount of work involved in order to create an accurate estimate.

There's nothing wrong with planning as you go because it allows you to have the maximum amount of information or customer feedback before you begin implementing a feature. With either approach you will end up with a plan, it's just a question of when the planning is performed.

The level of upfront planning is completely up to you, but for a high-level plan we recommend spending anywhere between 1-2 weeks with one of our design engineers depending on the complexity of your project.

What a High-Level Plan Includes

Our design service simply takes the design work that we would already be doing right before starting development on a particular feature and frontloads it before we create an estimate.

There is no extra charge for our design service since the work would be done anyways, but you do need to pay for it before we can give you an estimate.

Front-load planning to ensure a more accurate estimate:

  • Create a high-level overview of your project
  • Identify your goals and requirements
  • Determine your objectives for measuring success
  • Uncover any risks or unknown variables
  • Mockup the user interface so you know what every screen looks like
  • Create "user stories" to identify how your customers will use your kiosk
  • Plan your reporting and notifications so you can monitor your kiosks

We'll create documented deliverables so you'll know what to expect:

  • User interface mockups
  • Touch-friendly user interface design
  • A plan to handle future growth
  • Phased approach to get you to market sooner
  • A proposal you can present to management
  • Because you own the deliverables you can always take them to another development firm
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