Prioritizing Your Kiosk Software Features

Once the agreement has been signed the next step is to work closely with you to prioritize the features of your kiosk software.

This ensures that the most important features are completed first and you're in complete control of the direction of your project.

Why it's important to prioritize features:

  • You're in complete control of your project
  • The most valuable features will get completed first (you set the priority)
  • If you run out of time or budget the features you really care about get done

You're In Complete Control

Most developers will go about implementing features in whatever order is most convenient to them, regardless of which features are the most important to the client. This is not the case with us.

It is important to us that the features are completed in order of priority as decided by you the client.

The first reason for this is because it’s your money and you should be in control of your project timeline. Second, the project gets to a releasable state sooner.

Finally, if you run out of time or budget midway through the project then at least the features you really care about have been implemented and the remaining features can be completed in a subsequent release if you so choose.

Prioritizing Features, Not Tasks

It is worth noting that we are prioritizing features, not tasks.

A feature is typically made up of many tasks. For example, a feature may be allowing a user to search for a product and the tasks might include prototyping the user interface, coding the user interface design, writing database queries to retrieve the product and so on.

Prioritizing the features and working on the highest priority ones first just makes sense and you always have the freedom to reprioritize as the project progresses.



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