Creating a Kiosk Software Estimate

How much does a new house cost? It depends on the house. How much does a custom kiosk software cost? It depends on the custom kiosk software. In a perfect world a client would approach us with a general overview of their project and in turn we would produce a detailed and accurate cost estimate. In this scenario little time need be invested by either party in upfront planning to determine if the project is within the client’s budget and minimal time would be wasted on the part of the developers should the client decide to cancel the project or go with a different vendor. While this would be ideal for both parties unfortunately it is far from reality.

What you need to know about our custom kiosk software estimates:

  • We create an Agile estimate based off of your specifications
  • These are ballpark estimates that are NON-BINDING
  • Our estimates are updated after every Agile Sprint (every 2 weeks)
  • We don't do fixed price projects. You will be billed for all hours worked on your project

Agile Approach to Project Estimation

We employ an Agile SCRUM approach to planning and estimation with the understanding that the requirements and project plan will change regularly throughout the course of the project as user feedback is collected and as we acquire more knowledge about the optimal way to complete the project.

Non-binding Ballpark Estimate

We will produce a non-binding ballpark estimate based off your specification that will give you an idea if the project will fit within your budget. If you have a specific budget we can guarantee that we will adhere to that budget and that we will complete the features in the order you specify but we cannot guarantee that a specific number of features will be completed within that budget. In other words we will work on your features in the order of most important to least important until we complete all of the features and release or your budget runs out. Since you have prioritized your features you are prepared for the scenario because the features that would be cut or delayed till the next release will be the low priority ones. This will ensure that budget and delivery date constraints have minimal impact on your project and you have total control over how your resources are invested.

Estimates Updated Bi-weekly

It’s important to note that we will revise our estimates after each Agile Sprint (every 2 weeks). This will give you the most up to date understanding of the expected project timelines and costs. As the project gets closer to release the estimates should naturally become more accurate as uncertainty is eliminated.

We Bill Hourly (No Fixed Price)

You will be billed for the actual hours we spend working on your project. We do not accept fixed price projects but we are happy to work within your budget. Please see Budgeting and Pricing.

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