Consultation with a Kiosk Software Specialist

We offer as a no cost service a 1 hour phone consultation with one of our kiosk software application specialists to gather your project requirements and determine if we are a good fit for your project and budget.

During the consultation we'll want to accomplish the following:

  • Get a good feel for your kiosk software project and customer base
  • Provide a general overview of our development process
  • Discuss your development budget and our role in the project
  • Address any of your questions or concerns

Budgeting and Pricing

In order to avoid wasting your time and ours we like to get some idea of your budget up front. The cost for kiosk hardware typically ranges anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 per kiosk based largely on the hardware configuration and manufacturing complexity. We are not a kiosk manufacturer but we are happy to assist you in getting a quote on your kiosk hardware.

The cost of the kiosk software (the part we write) varies greatly because it is completely customized to each client’s needs to be a perfect-fit solution. Most of our kiosk software projects fall somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 to 700 development hours.

Determining Our Role in Your Kiosk Software Project

We also use this opportunity to determine our role in your project. We're easy to work with and have several options available.

Our possible roles in your kiosk software project:

  • Modifying your existing kiosk software
  • Creating completely new kiosk software
  • Utilize your existing website with KioskSimple kiosk lockdown software
  • Consulting on an as-needed basis
Self-Service Kiosk Software Project Consulting

Agile Primer

Many of our clients are not familiar with the Agile SCRUM development process so we take this opportunity to give you a primer. Agile has proven to be highly successful in delivery great ROI but it doesn’t always fit in with the culture of all organizations. Agile embraces the constantly changing nature of projects and therefore does not attempt to make a perfect plan from the beginning. It instead spreads the planning out over the entire development processes and focuses on completing the most valuable features first (as prioritized by you the client).

Benefits of our Agile Kiosk Software Development Process:

  • You get a working kiosk software on a regular basis, enabling you to determine if the project is going in the right direction.
  • You get your requirements implemented in the priority order which you define, enabling you to prevent wastage.
  • You can control how your money is being spent because you can always reduce/remove funding to the project team.

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